Nepal Earthquake ​2015​ Relief 

A Black Day for Nepal

On April 25 2015 ; A powerfull magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, toppling  historiacal multi-story buildings in the capital and many parts of the country along  creating landslides and avalanches in the Himalaya Mountains. Nearly 9,000 people died and more than 22,000 suffered injuries. It was the deadliest earthquake in the seismically active region in 81 years.The quake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, and only 17 days later, there was another major quake, a magnitude 7.3 temblor. Thirty-nine of the nation’s 75 districts with a population of 8 million people — about a third of the national population — were affected. Hundreds of thousands of people lost everything and faced extreme poverty. More than 600,000 homes were destroyed and more than 288,000 were damaged in the 14 worst-hit districts. The quakes’ strongest impact was in remote rural areas of gorkha district which was the epic center of massive earthquack, making the response extremely challenging.

Being a Nepalese Citizen in the foreign country; ours heats and desire for the our nation always Humanitarian organizations responded quickly to the disaster with search and rescue teams and immediate aid deliveries.
Work is still underway to rebuild houses, livelihoods, and to help families and communities gain more resilience to environmental shocks.