Nirmal Puja

Purja is notable for having climbed all 14 eight-thousanders (mountain peaks above 8,000 metres or 26,000 feet) in a record time of six months and six days with the aid of bottled oxygen.

Nirmal Purja, aka “Nims”, was born in the Dhaulagiri region of Nepal, at an altitude of 1600m, and grew up in Chitwan. He joined the legendary Brigade of Gurkhas in 2003 and then became a part of the Special Boat Service in 2009. Although always in the outdoors and mountains, his climbing career started in 2012 where he set out on a trek to Everest Base Camp. Once he reached base camp, instead of sticking to the schedule of returning back to Kathmandu, he made a bold choice to summit Lobuche East (6,100m) without any previous climbing experience. At the Lobuche village, he was fortunate enough to be taught to use crampons on grass by the late Sherpa legend, Dorje Khatri. Rest is history 

Since we all aren’t strong and brave enough to climb the mountains like Nimsdai but we did our best to support his dream and project by supporting him financially and sharing the stories of his journeys with world via soical media and interaction with other local community within the community like Magar Association UK and many more.

Jan 27, 2019

Some key moments of our community with Nims Dai